The long journey from Maine to Boston……

Maine Key

I had to work up in Bar Harbor so I left on a Thursday night. When I arrived that evening is when all the Boston Marathon bombers drama began. I spent the evening glued to facebook and twitter watching the events unfold live. On my way home the next day I didn’t know whether I could even go into the city. I made my way back home checking for news updates every chance I got. I stopped for lunch at a bar somewhere in southern Maine while I tried to come up with a game plan. Family told me I was crazy for even thinking of venturing into the city and every Mainer I ran into told me to stay in Maine. I was being lured in different directions – Northampton, New Hampshire, Maine, and home. Eventually I just went home to Dorchester where you wouldn’t have even known that there was any kind of restrictions in place at all. Things were normal – though a tad spooky. Anyways, this was the key behind the bar. Did I follow the right path going back the city? I’ll never know. But one things for sure, keys are still appearing as I journey through the creation of Keena and Sira’s path to The Next Level.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Puerto Ricans Veterans Square

This was one of the locations of episode 2 for The Next Level. Eire enough as The President gave his respects there this morning. Episode 2 will be released on Saturday April 20th. This morning the square was full of people and cameras. A few months ago it was my sister, Pablo, and myself freezing our tails off trying to film a scene paying tribute to Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

Peace to all and respect to our Veterans.

Cathedral of Holy Cross Boston South End

Jenny Bapst = versatile beauty

I know of Jenny through her work with Iz Inferno and Holistic. Jenny Bapst is a striking beauty and amazingly talented. Another hit and some detailed film editing in this music video for hit “So Exotic”. She is definitely one to watch for.

What’s better the Key or the Lock?

This video features Wax Tailor – Que Sera which mixes a line about a lock and key from “To be or not to be” (1942) starring Carole Lombard and Jack Benny. The movie is a comedy about Hitler. The “Brooke” in KarayBrooke brought this line to my attention and I had to track down the meaning to the line. The line “I have the key in my hand all I have to find is the lock” is in reference to the search for “The Underground”. In the film, this line is immediately followed by “It’s better than having the lock and having to find the key”. In The Next Level of course Keena lost her key and needs to find it again. We are not sure what the key opens, but more clues are revealed in episode 2. Stay Tuned. All in post-production abstraction.

Keys are everywhere and I keep spotting them.

key burlington VT

I started noticing keys after the first film was released. I decided I would start taking pics and reporting on them. This particular key was right where I parked my car in Burlington, VT with a flat tire. I was heading from Montreal to Boston and stopped in Burlington for lunch. Just as I was getting ready to park, a fellow tapped on my window to tell me I had a flat tire. I decided to continue parking and eat lunch so that I could deal with the situation on a full stomach. On my way back from lunch to the car (to deal with the flat tire) I noticed the key. It took about 3 hours but I eventually ended up with 3 new tires before heading home.